April, 2001
Edited by N. R. Vandenberg and K. D. Baver

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2000 IVS Annual Report


The International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS): Chairman's Report

Special Reports

IVS/IGS/ILRS Working Group on GPS Phase Center Mapping
IVS is a Service of the IAU
VLBI Standard Interface Specification

IVS Coordination

Coordinating Center Report
Analysis Coordinator Report
Network Coordinator Report
Technology Coordinator Report

Network Stations

Algonquin Radio Observatory
2000 Activities Report of Fortaleza Station
Gilmore Creek Geophysical Observatory
Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory
Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO)
Kashima 34m Radio Telescope
Key Stone Project VLBI Stations (Kashima, Koganei, Miura, and Tateyama)
Kokee Park Geophysical Observatory
Matera CGS VLBI Station
Medicina Station Report
Report from the Noto VLBI station
NYAL Ny-Alesund 20 metre antenna
German Antarctic Receiving Station O'Higgins
The IVS Network Station Onsala Space Observatory
Seshan VLBI Station Report
Simeiz Station: Geodetical Experiments and Single Dish Observations
Svetloe Radio Astronomical Observatory
JARE Syowa Station 11-m Antenna, Antarctica
Transportable Integrated Geodetic Observatory
Tsukuba 32-m VLBI Station
Nanshan VLBI Station Report
Westford Antenna
Station Report of the 20m Radiotelescope at Wettzell
Observatorio Astronomico Nacional
Yellowknife Observatory

Operation Centers

The Bonn Geodetic VLBI Operation Center
CORE Operation Center Report
U.S. Naval Observatory Operation Center


The Bonn Astro/Geo Mark IV Correlator
Haystack Observatory VLBI Correlator
KSP-VLBI Correlation Center Report
Tsukuba VLBI Center
Washington Correlator

Data Centers

BKG Data Center
Data Center at Communications Research Laboratory
CDDIS Data Center Report
Italy CNR Data Center Report
Paris Observatory (OPAR) Data Center

Analysis Centers

Analysis Center of Saint-Petersburg University
Bordeaux Observatory Analysis Center Report
Matera CGS VLBI Analysis Center
Analysis Center at Communications Research Laboratory
DGFI Analysis Center Annual Report 2000
Combination of VLBI, GPS and SLR data Data Analysis at FFI
The GIUB/BKG VLBI Analysis Center
GSFC VLBI Analysis Center
Analysis and Research at the Haystack Observatory
IAA VLBI Analysis Center Report for 2000
Italy CNR Analysis Center Report
Vienna IGG Special Analysis Center Annual Report 2000
Paris Observatory Analysis Center OPAR: Report on Activities, March 1999 - December 2000
The IVS Special Analysis Center at the Onsala Space Observatory
Analysis Center Report from Shanghai Astronomical Observatory for 1999.03---2000.12
USNO Analysis Center for Source Structure Report

Technology Development Centers

Canadian VLBI Technology Development Center
Technology Development Center at CRL
Combination of VLBI, GPS and SLR Software development at FFI
GSFC IVS Technology Development Center Report
Haystack Observatory Technology Development Center
Institute of Applied Astronomy Technology Development Center
Technology Development at IEEC
The IVS Technology Development Center at the Onsala Space Observatory

IVS Information

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IVS Member Organizations (on the IVS home page)
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